The central part is the head.

There are four finger sized pads.

there is the trigger.

There is the "rubber" stick

There is a little wheel

apart from the "rubber" they all are just triggers

there are six movements that provide values

forward (y) 512 to 1056

backwards (y) 512 to 0

side (x) right 512 to 1056

side left 512 to 0

turn right 512 to 1056

turn left 512 to 0

the controller

More features

On the bottom -for the left hand - you find more valuable controllers. They are partly numbered.

four trigger buttons 6 - 7- 8 - 9 at the side.

two triggers at the back 11 and 12 and and extra button in the middle of the front 14

the two comfortable levers work like stable sliders 0 -255 and can be used alone or combined

technical features

For travelling you can dismantel the controller into two parts and fold the outstandig feet. For playing the instrument it is quite important that it is put on a firm platform. In addition you can organize the musicstick according to the grip of your hand.