the general concept

"Pacifica" it is grammatically not correct but I changed the word to the feminin version, because for me the sea is the mother of everything. She still contains such a lot of organic life . Her steady change of appearance is most attractive and appeals to the soul. The piece consists of 8 variations each about 3 minutes long. The first includes some words: calling for Pacifica and naming the continents to give the idea of the immense size of it. Then there follow four different variations, bringing out the brilliant shimmering surface, the odulations, imaginative sounds in the depth. Two variation refer to the poem "La Ola" by the Chilean NobelPrize winner Pablo Neruda, The wave comes from the bottom with its roots being daughters of the submerged firmament. Her elastic invasion was brought up by the pure power of the ocean. Her eternity appeared, flooding the halls of the profound might and all beings showed their resistance. The fire was extinguished cold in her waist till the branches of that power put snow on its strengths. She comes like a flower from the earth when it advances with its distinct aroma to the magnitude of a magnolia. But this flower from the depth that has build up there, carries all the light that had been abolished, carries all the branches that did not burn and all the spring of whiteness. And so, when her round eyelids, her volume, her capes, her corals swell the skin of the sea ,everything what lives under the water appears. Its the unity of the sea what is built up.The column of the mar is uprising, it covers all her birth and all her destruction. One of those variations tries to describe the sudden uproar, part of the poem is recited. The next makes the big waves sound. The last variation goes back to the contemplativ mood.

the technical details

this is the core unit. My composition has five of them. Each unit has 14 generators for the harmonics , in all 70, and every overtone can be given hundreds of different volume functions.

This page shows the connection part to define the units. Here one decides which overtone you want to play, how long it should last and the main wave of the output. It organizes as well the preset to define the different adsr waves.


Ircam supplied a timepoint concept MSP 5 -Ithink_ That made it possible to develope a special sequencer.

There are no notes, there is no "score" only the programming idea. You have to make up what you want to be done at a certain time and in a certain manner. -- That was really the compositional idea at all time : to instruct the musician , what to play, how and when . -- the first step will be to prepare a timepoint list. I used for each event the possibility of 9 rows.

These timepoints have to be converted into bangs.

the bangs are to be directed to the soundboard

There the signals are received to do their specific actions

Since the principle in this piece is: nothing should be static, Emmanuel Jordan added the fantastic object : ej.line~ to make it possible , amongst others, to create this output net.