the "crosby - Song" with synthesizer accompaniment

There will be discussions to find criterias for a better perception for the public

the concert offers the experience to get through all the various ways to handle the joysticks

Dr Ian Percy demonstrated his digital composition "Acousmatic Chacras" May 9th in a research seminar at Hope University Liverpool.

May 14, First steps to combine the computer with live instrument. the students of the class of Manuella Blackburn showed their results-- still hardly any interest of student fellows or staff.

a remarcable piece by Cormac Gould March 18 The Laptop ensemble BILE from Manchester and the Laptop Group H.E.L.LO from the Hope University     documentation This was a great successful event. The 7 players from Liverpool, H.E.L.L.O, showed their most recent examples to play interactively with mobile and computers. The students from Birmingham, BILE brought a piece that made us listen how to bring literature into their playful game and they produced a lively show having their computers more in the background. An acoustic Extra was the elaborate duo between the just created musikstick (Reinhard Fuchs) and the special guest Steve Marsden with the "old" theremin. -------------------------------------------------------------------

Forum for Digital Improvisation and Composition in Liverpool

                            meeting place and date

Holy Trinity Church Hall
Wavertree L15 Church Road

   meetings monthly Sundays 5 pm - 7 pm

               concept of the presentation

the concept is to bring to audition various multitrack compositions from different composers. It is an open meeting with tea and discussions. The idea is to experience new ways of listening to electronic music in space. So much music is restricted just to listen in stereo or even only with headphones. Another new concept is, that people should walk around. No mixing desk in the middle! You can find your own discoveries of the different messages, that were composed for boxes in different room positions.

Some notices about the program
The performed pieces are mainly acousmatic compositions which are kindly given by the composers for diffusion. I donĀ“t have a big mixing desk, so the tracks are just played as they are composed. In addition I present some electronic pieces which use the facilities of the computer MAX/MSP. It is also planned to present mixtures of composed electronic works and more improvised music. Recently there are growing groups that play laptop ensembles. They are welcome and can perform in the hall as well. There is always some tea and time for conversation and exchange.                


My digital MaxMsp compositon: Osorno & Pacifica

                            fotos and audio examples