this installation was performed together with an Art-exhibition

installation with moving digital sounds What is new? 1) The way of listening There are many quickly changing sound events of different pitch, shape and development. -----It is like listening to birds---- 2) The material These digital sounds donĀ“t follow melodic lines based on the well known scale. This "scale" is based on the first 32 overtones that are normally included in any natural "tone". Here they are taken as separated sinus-waves, produced as digital constructions. There is a fundamental ( here 80Hz), the others are a multiplication of ordinal numbers. 2* = 160 Hz 3* = 240 Hz ........... 32* = 2560 Hz 3) The dynamic shape of the sound that gives the specific character is determined by composed values set to: attack - decay - sustain - release the duration here varies from 0.2 sec to 3 sec 4) The time organization the sequence is controlled by a triggering metro and can be very fast ----- short sounds stretched out developing sounds 5) the random algorithm is responsible for the selection of the preset arrangement and shapes

The idea of my Macci installation -

It all has to do with the harmonics and the overtone row. Instead of bilding a sound. The overtones were taken as single sinus waves. I call them "maccis" : fundamental * 1. *2 ,*3 ----. they are all within the row, so a random selection also sounded "harmonic". Though they are very pure you could make them very lively, floating through the space like little organic beings, by giving each "macci" a special shape i.e. a distinct volume ADSR development and length

The Interface now could speed it up or down, the tiny events were brought to different speakers in a space (4) They could be shaped by a general volume.

How it worked