The best thing: you get one at each side!! that makes you a magician


Interfaces and controller

Interfaces are the tools to controll the computer and one can manually control and command your program. The Max/MSP has a port to recognize USB commands with the object "hi" = human interface. The other kind of interfaces are midi controlled and mapped via the object "midiin"

Just New ! the missing link ! Korg brought out the Kontroller as a USB/ Midi control. there is the pad with twelve comfortable buttons

and the Kontroller : 18 button triggers, 18 sliders, 18 dials and more. A editor prepares all the mapping.

The Joystick

That is a specially useful and easy to handle interface . There are various joysticks on the market. For long time I used Logitech Express.

Criterias: a) to have as many triggers, knobs and levers as possible.
b) it must be heavy and steady otherwise there is never a controlled control
c) it should be as handy as possible

Here is the routing. One has to keep in mind that the trigger coming from the interface is on/off. So you have to restrict it. I used the object "togedge".

Now, I think the best one is Cyborg. Cyborg: a joystick with some improvements
1) very important : you can dismantle it and prepare for transport!
2) It has more triggers (15)
3) the junction for bending, turning, pushing up and down is more firm
4) the lever 1 -255 is or can be split into two seperate sliders
5) in addition it has clever "wheelies" that separates triggers going uo or down.
6) a good practical thing is that the rubber sticks out a bit, easier to handle. (I routed it to off/2) I really like to keep the "gun" trigger for any Start.
7) There are two triggers 10 and eleven just behind the levers (easy to confirm the values)
8) There is a special button just on the body of the machine.
9) It has nice blue eyes when it is working (day and night)
10) last not least you can adjust the whole little monster to your personal mappings.

How to play it: 1.example "THE MACKY"
The Timepoint Sequencer" 3. example The Macci-Intstallation