hi help

That is principally what hi maxpatch shows

joystick for MAX/MSP

In order to play the laptop one needs a powerful interface. The best gesture relation of the physical movement and the computer is - as far as I know - the joystick.

The first thing you have to do is to find an adequate and useful routing. MIND: the signal from the joystick is an on/off signal! That is why I put the togedge into it

musically useful mapping

a)the main musical expression concerns the volume -- y -axe with high resolution and influencing the ADSR by other means.
b) the triggers can serve different tasks: firstly, starting end ending a program, or playing notes, very good to move numbers of a counter, etc c)the x -axe can be used to realize countinuous changing for frequency , filters etc the turning is fine for a smaller range: slides, past points etc. d) Very usefull is the rubber stick for very quick actions, can be split into four. My joystick has two seperate levers 0 - 255 with numbers that can be fixed (object:value) by buttons just behind

see the use within laptop playing as an instrument macci